Reasons Why Men Lie

So Why Do Men Lie So Much?

Have you often asked yourself or your best friend..why do men lie so much? I’m sure like 90% of the female population the answer is YES, too many times. Lets face it we all hate being lied to.

The only time we want to be lied to is when we ask…does my bum look big in this! Unfortunately it seems to me a trait of the male species, they can’t help lying. Sometimes they lie about the most stupid pointless things and leave us wondering why men lie about these things. Sometimes they are rubbish liars and us girls can spot a lie a mile away. Other times however the man can weave a deep web of deceit and lies and we don’t even realize it.

So here are a few reasons why men lie, some of them are quite light hearted and amusing and some of them are deadly serious, so here we go… Reasons Your Man Might Lie To You…

  •  Why men lie reason #1 Insecurity – If your man is one of those who likes to tell tall stories especially to his mates, even in front of you when he knows that you know he is lying is probably a bad case of insecurity and he feels the need to lie and make up tales in order to be accepted by his friends and sometimes he will lie to you the same so that he feels good that you what a great man… when in reality you might be thinking what a prat!
  • Why men lie reason#2 Secrets – Why men lie can also be to cover up the truth he knows you would not like. This could be because he tells you what he thinks you want to hear ( which sometimes can be a good thing ) or on a more serious note he is covering up something bad he has done, this could be anything from cheating on you to getting into trouble with law or offending your family or friends, these are all reasons to why men lie, basically to cover up their mess.
  • Why men lie reason #3 Bad experience – Sometimes the man will think he is forced into lying because he is scared of the reaction he will get from you if he tells the honest truth. Remember when we said we want him to lie and say “No your bum does not look big in that my love”, well maybe he remembers the time he made the terrible mistake of telling you the truth that your bum did look a bit too large in that red dress, and he spent the next two night in the spare room!
  • Why men lie reason #4 He Thinks He’s Not Lying – You tell him to help you by cleaning the bathroom because you have friends coming to dinner tonight and you must rush out to get some shopping in. You get back and ask him did he make sure the bathroom looked respectable and he says “yes of course, all done dear”, so when nature calls and you have to use the little girls room you find it in the same state as when you left, toothpaste oozing out of the tube on the side of the sink, his used razor on the other side and the toilet still smells like a football teams changing room. But he is telling the truth because when he flushed the toilet and sprayed the air-freshener 2 hours ago, as far as he’s concerned he cleaned the bathroom!

These are some of the reasons but there are so many reasons. The male of the species is not easy to understand and half the time who knows why men lie.

so why do men lie so much


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