Lies Men Tell

Some Of The Lies Men Tell

Every body lies at some point and everyone lies about the same things if they happen to get caught out, such as cheating and stealing. Women tend to lie about things like how much money they spent on that lovely pair of shoes or how much chocolate they ate the night before and women lie about sex and orgasms.

But men, the lies men tell out number women’s lies, on average men lie six times a day more than women, so just what are the lies men tell? Men will lie about pretty much anything. It doesn’t have to be something important that they might feel the need to lie about to protect you or protect someone they care about, no the sort of lies men tell can be purely to make them feel good by thinking they have gotten away with telling a lie to you, it’s like some kind of power trip. Very often we know they are lying through their teeth but they will still deny it making us more angry and frustrated, that’s the sort of lies men tell several times a day!

Some of the lies men tell are because they are afraid of women, They lie because they dont want the looks that could kill and the comparisons us women like to make when we say to them ” this is just like that time when I needed you to be there for me…..” you know what I mean girls. The lies men tell come in all shapes and sizes, talking about sizes, a mans size is one of the lies men tell to their mates all the time, I guess this one is an insecurity thing, just like some men who like to brag about the size of the guy they won a fight with etc. Size seems to matter more to men than it does to most women.

Lies men tell to avoid being caught when they are cheating on their partner tend to come in the form of very tall stories, almost unbelievable and often they will use a lie like their mother became seriously ill and he had to rush of to the hospital, and when you suggest you both go to visit her you find she made a miraculous recovery and is now cosy and warm back at home. That is just some of the lies men tell.


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